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8 Week Postpartum Support Group

Join Shiya Furstenau, Certified Breastfeeding Educator and trained Postpartum Doula, or this gentle, postpartum yoga class focusing on chest and upper back opening, hip opening and core restoration to help with diastasis rectus abdominis (DRA).

Did you know that 100% of women have some level of DRA in the third trimester. It is estimated that 66% of women have some level of pelvic floor dysfunction associated with diastasis recti. Yoga is a fantastic way to access the deep core musculature through breathing.

Come for yoga and stay for our, judgment free, parents support group! Shiya will have an infant scale for weight checks and weighted feeds available at each group meeting.

This 8 week series we will expand our body movements during yoga, slowly layering on more challenging movements. Each week we will also focus on different discussion topics for the support portion of the class. Topics will include sleep, feeding, tummy time, infant massage and more!

Please feel free to bring a blanket and any toys for your baby. This is a supportive, nonjudgmental environment for parents. Please feel free to stop feed, or comfort your baby as needed. The benefits of the class go beyond movement, sharing the space, the breath and supporting one another is equally as important to moving your body!

This series meets April 13- June 1, Thursdays at 10am


Investment: $160/ 8 week series


Not just Yoga...Postpartum Support Too!

"Protect your peace, and elevate your spirit" ~ Robin Arzon, mom, fitness expert and Peloton VP 

Come for yoga and stay for our new parents weekly support group where you can meet other parents, ask questions, and explore common concerns like feeding, development, emotional issues, sleep and more. 

This group, facilitated by Shiya Furstenau a mother of two, a postpartum doula and a certified breastfeeding educator and counselor, will offer connection, support, and education on your breastfeeding journey. Shiya will have an infant scale for weight checks and weighted feeds available at each group meeting. 


Lactation Basics with Shiya Furstenau (Mama au Lait/Embraced Lactation and Postpartum Support)

Join Shiya Furstenau of Mama au Lait/Embraced Lactation for Lactation Basics and learn empowered and supported practices for chest/breastfeeding.

There are many benefits of chest/breastfeeding for infants, parents and their families. By providing education before your baby’s birth, I hope to assist you in preparing for the important job of chest/breastfeeding.

Class will cover:

Benefits of human milk

  • Milk Production/Supply

  • Positioning and latching for success and comfort

  • How to know that your baby is getting enough

  • Potential problems and solutions

  • Pumps, Pumping and storing basics

  • and more!


Investment: $50 per couple

("per couple" refers to the birthing person and one support person)

Portrait of a beautiful mother breastfeeding her 3-month-old child in the bedroom, working


Stay tuned for Shiya's online class library coming soon. Online classes will include, Lactation Basics, Pre and Postnatal Yoga, Baby Basics, and more!

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