Row of multiethnic babies sitting side by side looking away isolated on gray

Mama au Lait Cafe

A Support Group for New Parents


Whether you are chest/breast, bottle feeding or some combinations of it all, it doesn't always come easily. Even if it’s easy for you and your baby, you still may have a ton of questions! That’s why seeking out support and guidance from those who have been through it can be so helpful. Recommended for new parents and their babies, this group is designed for you to meet and share about the beautiful, and often times challenging, transition into parenthood. 

The Mama au Lait Cafe Group offers a safe space to ask your questions, grow your village and so much more! Shiya will have a newborn scale for weight checks and weighted feeds available. 

This group, facilitated by Shiya Furstenau a mother of two and a certified breastfeeding educator and counselor and postpartum doula, will offer connection, support, and education. 

Parents through all stages of chest/breast/bottle feeding and of course, babies welcome!

Topics will include: 

  • Yoga/Wellness for New Parents

  • Feeding (chest/breast/bottle) 

  • Pumping/Going Back to Work 

  • Information and support so that you can feel confident in your role as a parent.

  • Facilitated play and discussion groups that include families with children close in age.

  • Quality time to interact with your child in a child-safe and developmentally stimulating play environment

  • Safe sleep

  • Childcare