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Lactation Support

In-Person and Virtual Support

Includes a detailed breastfeeding history of mother and baby, an assessment of mother and baby's anatomy, personal instruction in optimal latch and positioning techniques, and observation of a breastfeeding for purpose of evaluating technique and baby's effectiveness at breast. Plenty of time to ask questions and address concerns.

Lactation Support Pricing: 

Initial Visit

1-on-1 in person: 90 mins,  $125 plus $85 for every additional hour (prorated) 

Virtual: 90 mins, $85 plus $60 for every additional hour (prorated) 

Follow Up Visits:

1-on-1 in person: $85/hour 

Virtual: $60/hour 

Phone consults before/after initial visit $60 per hour or $30 per half hour

Travel fees: South of Washington Avenue/north of Girard Avenue, river to river $25 travel fee per visit. Travel beyond these boundaries can be discusses and negotiated.

1-on-1 Lactation Support: Services
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